Binge Blogging

Whoops I did it again…

Yes, I am a binge blogger. I can’t commit to updating my blog on a regular basis. I reserve the pent up energy from not blogging for a while and blast many many blog posts all at once.

I wish that I can update my blog more often. Maybe it could be my new year’s resolution. But more than likely I won’t be able to update the blog with original contents for a while since my schedule is insane until early June.

However, I really love blogging - it is like my secret diary. Things that I have in my head that I can’t really tell anyone. I love being¬†anonymous on the blogsphere. I have a pretty visible position in my industry and unfortunately I can’t be visible in any other arena (damn those Facebook pictures of the good ole’ drunk me…) because of my professional reputation (gotta be serious, gotta be serious, gotta be serious…bleh)¬†

Hopefully, none of my co-workers comes across my blog (these lovely girls are all into fashion that they would immediately recognize all of my outfits I have posted here hahaha) - if you are one of my co-workers, please step away and close your window down! I don’t want you to read any of my blog posts, ladies!

Alright. It is about 11 p.m. and I have an exam at 2 p.m. tomorrow that I haven’t even started to study. I will wake up at 6 a.m. and just study until I get insane - then take an exam and hopefully pass (if I don’t pass this basic security license exam, I will surely be a laughing stock!)

Good nite, lovey fellow bloggers!